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and simply because it’s just...better. Higher quality but lower cost for both you and the planet – there’s a reason why vintage and antiques are still in demand after all these years! Let's rally around adopting new shopping habits where pre-loved is the norm, and spread the word far and wide. Buy vintage to save the world!

i’m on a mission to promote and encourage others to buy secondhand over new for the good of the planet.

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and I’m obsessed with all things vintage! So much so, that in addition to having my own online vintage shop (I can’t keep it all!), I choose to spend my time empowering fellow vintage entrepreneurs to success through my super supportive private community, one-on-one coaching, and self-paced courses and workbooks.

I currently run online stores on Etsy and Thrilling and you can occasionally find me slinging goodies at a pop-up or two in the New England area. My little family and I (husband and 6 year old son) love to spend Saturdays on the local yard sale and thrift store circuit chasing down treasures, and I love that they're by my side as we live a secondhand way of life.

Growing up as a Gen X’er in New England, I have an eclectic and nostalgic eye for housewares – mid century, grandmillennial, farmhouse, traditional, classical, coastal, and contemporary - are all styles you can bank on finding in my shop. 

I have 20+ years or experience in the corporate and consulting world in marketing, technology, sales operations, and analytics and love being able to put it all to use in my entrepreneurial journey. I’m multi-passionate and there isn’t a day that goes by where I don’t dream up a new idea (or five) that gets me even more excited to get out of bed in the morning!

My ultimate mission is to #sellvintagesavetheworld by promoting and encouraging others to buy secondhand over new for the good of the planet. Join me in helping to save the world - whether you’re a vintage collector or a vintage slinger - one gorgeous, pre-loved, and perfectly worn treasure at a time!

Vintage lover, Etsy guru, fast talker, community cheerleader, problem-solver, analytical nerd, coffee and chocolate fiend, boy mom, and your best thrifting buddy.

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Phineas Street has evolved into a one-stop shop for classic and modern home decorating accessories, art, books, jewelry and more! Eco-friendly practices have become the heart and soul of my business - in both sourcing and shipping responsibly - and my mission is to encourage shoppers and designers to consider choosing secondhand before buying brand new. Phineas Street Vintage is working to combat climate change one gorgeous and unique vintage treasure at a time. Join me - buy vintage to save the world!


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Phineas Street School is a fun and inclusive place for vintage sellers of all backgrounds to be supported, feel heard, and to harness the collective knowledge and experience of fellow peers on their own journey to living out a purposeful career or side hustle curating timeless vintage pieces into the homes of happy customers.



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