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and to create a community of successful, supportive female entrepreneurs who believe that we aren’t in competition with each other, we’re more like a team!

I want to see every single one of us live out our dreams of making money doing what lights up our souls – sourcing and selling vintage. I’m on a mission to provide you with the right tools to run a successful vintage shop and give you the motivation to follow through, whether it's your side gig or your full-time job. I want to be your vintage best friend who keeps you in the know, challenges you to list more, and gives you the confidence to dream up and achieve BIG goals. 

Phineas Street School was created out of a burning need to share my knowledge and experience with fellow vintage sellers

Phineas Street School is a place you can turn to so you don’t have to struggle and figure it all out on your own. It doesn’t have to be hard and it really isn’t once you find your people, like me! And lots more vintage BFFs waiting to welcome you into my private membership. You’re in the right hands if you want to reach your true potential, I believe in you!

Together we’re going to save the world, one gorgeous vintage piece at a time!

Geek out over all things related to selling vintage while receiving real-time support, encouragement, motivation, and lessons from our private community via weekly Zoom calls and our members-only Facebook Group!

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This transformative one-on-one 90 day coaching program will put you on the fast track to building an optimized Etsy or vintage shop with personalized training, guidance, and support from me, your new vintage BFF!

Show up to your next market or pop up like a seasoned pro! This jam-packed guide is filled with advice, checklists and templates to give you the tools and confidence to sell out at your next event.


your guide to selling in person



I'll guide you through a personalized, three week learning plan to tackle Etsy SEO once and for all! When we're done, you'll be able to confidently apply your new skills and practices to your shop FOR LIFE!

Get my undivided attention for 60 minutes to work on anything related to your vintage or Etsy business + receive post-meeting minutes, a summary of the session, decisions made, homework and more! No topic is off limits! 


List more, list faster, list with friends, win great prizes, and make more sales! Join month-long challenges held each quarter!


what to do when sales are slow

Etsy SEO Cheatsheet

Download my freebie for a key mindset hack and lots of tips on how to boost sales during what feels like a lull or really anytime!

This free cheatsheet will teach you the do's and don't's for how to show up in Etsy search results, let's get you found and making more sales!

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"This is a wonderful group of diverse women, of all ages, from different parts of the country, who have the same goal; sell great vintage. This group has taught me lots of Etsy and vintage seller tips and tricks. Caroline also has listing challenges, which really makes you rise to the occasion. Wonderful community for vintage sellers. Join us! 


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try this next time you're at the thrift store!

how to go on vacation and still make sales

You know how that Coco Chanel quote goes, “Before you leave the house, look in the mirror and take one thing off.” Well, think of that when you're out sourcing. 

Let’s take a vacation! Here’s my strategy for a stress-free break from your online shop (without sacrificing sales!)

and I’m obsessed with all things vintage! So much so, that in addition to having my own online vintage shop (I can’t keep it all!), I choose to spend my time empowering fellow vintage entrepreneurs to success through my super supportive private community, one-on-one coaching, and self-paced courses and workbooks.

I currently run online stores on Etsy and Thrilling and you can occasionally find me slinging goodies at a pop-up or two in the New England area. My little family and I (husband and 6 year old son) love to spend Saturdays on the local yard sale and thrift store circuit chasing down treasures, and I love that they're by my side as we live a secondhand way of life.

Growing up as a Gen X’er in New England, I have an eclectic and nostalgic eye for housewares – mid century, grandmillennial, farmhouse, traditional, classical, coastal, and contemporary - are all styles you can bank on finding in my shop. 

Hi, I'm Caroline.

I have 20+ years or experience in the corporate and consulting world in marketing, technology, sales operations, and analytics and love being able to put it all to use in my entrepreneurial journey. I’m multi-passionate and there isn’t a day that goes by where I don’t dream up a new idea (or five) that gets me even more excited to get out of bed in the morning!

My ultimate mission is to #sellvintagesavetheworld by promoting and encouraging others to buy secondhand over new for the good of the planet. Join me in helping to save the world - whether you’re a vintage collector or a vintage slinger - one gorgeous, pre-loved, and perfectly worn treasure at a time!

My love for vintage and my devotion to the vintage community is the real deal - I am committed to sharing my wide breadth of business experience and knowledge to help fellow vintage sellers succeed, whether it’s a side hustle or a full-time job. Community and camaraderie may as well be my middle names!


My unique background in sports as a life-long competitive athlete (college tennis captain here), my 20+ years or experience in the corporate and consulting world in marketing, technology, sales operations, and analytics, plus my passion for vintage and helping others, makes me the perfect candidate to be a coach and motivator. I am constantly striving to learn more, be better at my craft and find efficiencies, and I thrive off of leading a community and seeing others who have the same passions as me have success. Plus, I'm always selling right alongside you so we are in it together!

Yes! Let's meet one-on-one and put together a plan full of steps that will be acheivable and easy to follow. I can also introduce you to sellers within my community for extra guidance if needed!

I wholeheartedly believe in community over competition and strongly buy into the old saying "a rising tide lifts all boats." The more vintage sellers there are out in the world representing ourselves in a professional manner and being the best we can be, the more the general public will want to support us. A customer could have a bad experience with just one shop and be turned off from buying vintage ever again. We can all benefit from empowering and educating each other and there is enough vintage and customers to go around!

what makes you qualified to coach other etsy and vintage sellers?

why do you share all of your secrets, don't you want to keep them for yourself?

i want to open an etsy or vintage shop but i'm overwhelmed on where to start. can you help me if i don't have a shop yet?

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Absolutely! Send me an email or DM and let's talk!

Follow me on Instagram @phineasstreetvintage and @phineasstreetschool and be sure to sign up for my email club for exclusive discount and advice for subscribers only, inluding my super helpful, jam packed weekly round up newsletter for vintage sellers! 

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