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Always put something back

You know how that Coco Chanel quote goes, “Before you leave the house, look in the mirror and take one thing off.” Well, think of that when you’re out sourcing. Your cart or basket is filling up. You’re feeling good. Maybe you grabbed something because it was only $1.99 and said, heck, I’m buying all this other stuff, what’s another $2? Plus I have a coupon! A COUPON!

It’s additional physical item in your space, that’s what. It’s another item that you may never get around to listing. And because an extra $2 every visit to the thrift adds up!

Think of it this way – look in your cart and say, is there anything in here that’s worth the hassle of going to the register and buying if it was the ONLY thing I’m buying today? Would I wait in line for this? If the answer is no for any of the items, put them back.

This happened to me last night. I was thiiis close to buying a series of books from a very popular 80s comic strip (that I never even liked btw) just for the pure nostalgia of it. I also almost bought an ugly vintage book about CHEESE for a similar reason. I then looked at my cart, saw the gorgeous Memphis Milano product catalog from 1991 that I had just placed in there, and promptly put the so-so, barely profitable books previously mentioned back.

Side note: there was a pair of roller skates in the cart for my son and those didn’t make the cut either. We don’t need any major (or minor) injuries right now!

Are you a “take one thing off” kind of shopper already? If not, just try it. I promise you’ll survive! Here’s to being more selective and less overwhelmed!


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– Brenda, Mastermind Member

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