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Did you tune into Etsy’s seller event on September 8th, Etsy Up, helping us gear up for the holidays?

If you want to skip my blabbing and head right to it, you’ll find all the replays and resources on

If not, I have you covered with all the links you need and a little recap on CEO Josh Silverman’s kick off address. 

I’m going to start by saying I was a little disappointed at how scripted it was and would have loved to see a truly live event, but I get why they have to pre-record. However, there was a lot of good information shared by Etsy and featured sellers that’s worth a listen. You don’t have to be glued to the videos so you can mostly listen while you’re packing orders, photographing listings, or tidying up your inventory!

Josh Silverman’s welcome address was about 11 minutes long, here are the main points I took from it, what did I miss?

  • Etsy is redesigning the Seller Handbook to make it easier for us to get help and digest useful information and will be launching it soon, possibly in phases.
  • The Etsy customer base has doubled over the past three years and is up to 90 million buyers and growing!
  • Etsy is spending a ton on marketing this year – $600 million.
  • Etsy is growing their seller support team by 20% and I can already see a difference with the new 24/7 live chat feature.
  • Etsy is coming out with a new ad campaign this fall so be on the lookout (I think I heard an ad on Pandora the other day?!)
  • 4 of 5 Etsy sellers is a solopreneur and he talked about the importance of community. Hint hint, join mine!

Etsy Webinars

There are a handful of upcoming Etsy seller webinars and a follow up to this week’s event – you can find the full lineup and register here. If you can’t make specific dates but are interested, you will probably have access to the replays when you sign up so just do it!

The one I don’t want to miss is all about Etsy’s new influencer program, Etsy Creator Co, in which you can earn money by promoting your shop and other Etsy shops! Register for the event happening on Sept 27th here and apply for the program here. I’m not sure if we’ll all get accepted but worth a try!!

Leave a comment and let me know what you thought of the event – are these Etsy-sponsored workshops useful for you or do you think they’re a bunch of fluff? I want to know!

Etsy Up homepage:
Etsy CEO Josh Silverman’s replay:
Etsy Up replay:
Etsy Holiday Resources:

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